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  • The super strong tool to remove the hairs and fibres from your vacuum cleaner roller and your hairbrushes. 
  • Quick and easy to use and clean.
  • No quibble 30-day money back guarantee. 
  • Improve's vacuum cleaner performance and hairbrushes more hygienic. 
Pikk-it® for vacuum's & hairbrushes Pikk-It Pikk-it
Pikk-it® Pink Ribbon Edition Pikk-It Pikk-it
Pikk-it® Pink Ribbon Edition Pikk-It Pikk-it
Pikk-it® hair removal tool for vacuum's & hairbrushes
Pikk-it® Pink Ribbon Edition Pikk-It Pikk-it

Pikk-it® for vacuum's & hairbrushes

£ 7.99 GBP

Put Away your Scissors

Pikk-it works on nearly all brands of vacuum cleaner.  The hook is perfect for picking at hair and the serrated teeth make it easy to pull hair and tangles out.

So you will never have to use those scissors again.

Pikk-it is made from ultra-strong zinc alloy, meaning it will not break - we guarantee this for 5 years.... PLUS a no quibble 30-day money back guarantee

Great for Hairbrushes

Quickly removes tangled hair from your hairbrush in seconds– making it cleaner and more hygienic. Perfect for all types of hairbrushes.

Look what our customers say...


Brilliant piece of kit,itmay besmall,but it does a wonderful big job ofremoving hair etc. Would highly recommend it


Fantastic I love it


Really works! Having a Rough Collie, whose thick coat and long hair gets really

wound round the brushes of my Dyson, this little gadget is a godsend! Used to

hate cleaning the hair out of the brushes, but this makes it so much easier!


Wish I had one of these years ago and would definitely recommend. I have long thick hair which is a nightmare to remove from the roller brush. This removes it so quickly & easily


It may be small, but it does a wonderful big job of removing hair etc. Would highly recommend it


What a revelation. I live with long haired daughter and granddaughter plus a dog and cat. A dreaded job, struggling with scissors and sore hands for more than half an hour has just taken me a very easy five minutes


I just wanted to say I received Pikk-it this morning & it is a lovely little item, used it this morning, brilliant.
I also purchased one for my mum & I will be mentioning to friends.

As Seen On TV...

The inventor, David Eccles, appeared on the BBC TV show ‘The Customer is Always Right’ on 27 October 2020 with his daughter and assistant, Anya!  The original 3D printed version, ‘RollaReleasa’, was featured.

Remove the Roller from the Vacuum Cleaner

Pikk-it even has a Dyson / Shark faceplate release tool

Easy to Clean

After use, simply rinse under the tap, or just throw it in the dishwasher

Stop doing this

If you've ever tried using scissors or knives to remove hair from your vacuum, you'll know how tricky and dangerous this can be.

Blades don't work because while they cut the hairs, they don't pull them out.

You can easily damage your vacuum and it's also dangerous - many people injure themselves trying to clean theirs using the wrong tools or worse still just let the vacuum clog up damaging the motor and bearings.

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