Brush-it Pikk-it
Brush-it Pikk-it
Brush-it Pikk-it
Brush-it Pikk-it



Are you fed up with problem pet hair and floof in your carpets, clothes and mats? 

The all-new super lightweight Brush-it quickly and simply removes problem hair in seconds. Perfect for;

  • coir matting

  • carpets especially tricky stair carpets

  • mats

  • soft furnishings

  • sofa's

  • pillows

  • clothes

Cheaper & quicker than lint rollers and better for the environment. 

Our easy-hang handle allows Brush-it to be stored easily and conveniently and the purpose-designed no-damage teeth means your fabrics and furnishings are safe.

Remove problem pet hair before it starts making your carpets and clothes smell. 

We are 100% certain you will love Brush-it - if you don't we offer a 30-day, no questions asked refund. 

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